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General Care for Your Floors

Cleaning & Maintenance


Give your floor the love it deserves by embracing the routine of proper cleaning and maintenance. We've got the inside scoop on practical tips and clever cleaning hacks to help you become the ultimate floor caretaker. Life happens, and when those occasional spills come your way, swift action paired with our tried-and-true solutions will have your floor looking good as new in no time.


With a little TLC, not only will your floor age like fine wine, but you'll also be safeguarding the cozy investment you've made in turning your house into a home. After all, a well-cared-for floor is a happy floor!


Stain Removal Guide

Navigate life's little accidents effortlessly with our comprehensive stain removal guide. Learn the art of cleaning up everything, from stubborn candle wax to delicate wine stains. Your go-to resource for preserving your floor's pristine appearance.


Seasonal Cleaning Tips

Experience the benefits of adapting your floor care routine to the changing seasons. Explore our seasonal cleaning tips to maintain a tidy space year-round.

    • Spring Floor Care
    • Summer Floor Care
    • Fall Floor Care
    • Winter Floor Care


Maintain Your Floor's Charm with Practical Tips

Your floor promises years of satisfaction, but only if you nurture it with care. Here are some common-sense precautions for a lasting and happy relationship with your flooring:


Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Greet dirt and debris at the door with quality doormats. They're like bouncers, keeping out dirt, sand, and potential floor foes. For extra protection against asphalt mishaps, a latex-based driveway sealer is the unsung hero.


Take Special Precautions When Moving Heavy Objects

Navigating weighty furniture or appliances? Keep it hassle-free by using a dolly with wide-base air tires. For an added layer of protection, place a clean sheet of plywood underneath—it's your floor's VIP treatment during the move. Remember: No sliding heavy objects without the right safeguards. Keep it smooth and easy.


Close Curtains or Blinds

Save your floor from sunburn by closing curtains or blinds where the sunlight gets too intense. We all know that heat and sunlight can cause some serious floor fashion faux pas like shading and discoloration.


Support Furniture with Floor Protectors

Support your furniture with non-staining floor protectors. Match the width to the weight and go for materials like hard plastic or non-staining felt. And if your furniture likes to move around, give it rustproof metal protectors.


Routinely Clean Your Floor

Give your floor the care it craves with our simple yet effective routine. Whether it's a daily vacuum (without a beater bar), a weekly dust mop, or a regular sweep, keeping things tidy minimizes abrasive grit and dirt. If you're in a sandy area, a bit more attention won't hurt. When it comes to liquid cleaners, let your floor bask in the spa treatment—air dry or get a good rinse to avoid any unwanted filmy surprises.


Blot Up Spills and Spots Immediately

Spill alert! Act fast to prevent any unwanted floor artwork. Start cleaning from the edges and work your way in. Just remember, wet floors can be a bit slippery, so take it slow.


Star Service

Experience the red-carpet treatment with our certified Star Service installers. These floor experts go above and beyond, confirming installation plans, ensuring a spotless post-installation clean-up, and conducting a thorough walk-through. Your satisfaction isn't just a goal; it's a guarantee. Because when it comes to your floors, we believe in exceeding expectations.